Overhead Conductor Cables


Products that ensure maximum line efficiency and long-lasting reliability

Prysmian Group manufactures an extensive line of overhead products for both transmission and distribution applications. Whether your project calls for all-aluminum, aluminum alloys, steel-reinforced or specialized T-2® twisted pair, our extensive line of TransPowr® bare overhead distribution conductors are available in a variety of aluminum- and steel-stranding combinations. Manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM or CSA specifications, 100% recyclable TransPowr overhead conductors help you ensure maximum line efficiency and long-lasting reliability for current and future electric power distribution networks.


For applications that require more protection from weather, chemicals or the potential of falling tree limbs, debris or other disturbances, Prysmian provides covered overhead conductor. Prysmian also offers some of the common conductor or cable items that are consumed in overhead applications and in the electric utility marketplace such as aluminum tie wire, bare soft copper grounding conductor, steel overhead ground wire and steel guy wire. For our full breadth of overhead product, see Inside Overhead Conductors below.


Groundbreaking E3X® Technology is the utility industry’s first heat-dissipating overhead conductor that transforms the power grid through reduced power loss, increased power carrying capacity and lower costs.


The E3X® Robot System is an Edison Awardsgold-winning innovative breakthrough solution that enhances energy transmission efficiency, safety and sustainability. The groundbreaking robotic technology applies heat-dissipating E3X® coating to existing power lines to reduce power grid congestion. It creates a breakthrough grid-enhancing solution without building new transmission lines, unlocking capacity by 15-25% for utilities.


Alesea Virtual Business Assistant

Alesea is your virtual assistant for cable inventory management.

Alesea transforms the cable drum from a simple package into an intelligent asset that supports customers in improving their efficiency in operations and inventory management.

Alesea makes the information about your assets always available, and autonomously updated by the solution. You get real-time inventory visibility, actionable notifications and you will know each asset’s location, status, history, usage and handling conditions.

Inside Overhead Conductors

Prysmian’s bare overhead conductors are available as all-aluminum conductors (AAC), all-aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC), aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR), aluminum conductor steel-supported (ACSS), and T-2® twisted pair AAC and ACSR. Manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM or CSA specifications, TransPowr® overhead conductors are 100% recyclable.



Weather-proof line wire is used for overhead transmission and distribution lines. The covering provides mechanical protection to the conductor and is resistant to weathering and chemicals. If the conductors accidentally come into contact due to high winds, falling tree limbs or other disturbances, the covering resists short circuits and the tendency for conductors to weld together.



Tree wire is used in areas with overhead power lines that have a potential for contact with trees or other debris. The durable covering helps to protect against electrical faults due to contact. Tree wire consists of a single conductor (AAC, AAAC, or ACSR) covered with either a single layer of thermoset track resistant covering, a two-layer thermoset covering with a track resistant outer layer, or a three-layer thermoset covering with a track-resistant outer layer and a thermoset semi-conductive conductor shield. These designs may be used as spacer cable with the appropriate accessories.



PowrServ® OH 600-volt-rated overhead service drop cables in duplex, triplex and quadruplex neutral-supported constructions may be used for overhead service entrance applications. Duplex is intended to deliver single-phase power. Triplex is intended to deliver 3-wire single-phase power. Quadruplex is intended to deliver 4-wire three-phase power. They meet all applicable requirements of ANSI/ICEA Standard S-76-474.



Aluminum tie wire is a soft solid aluminum wire that is used in overhead transmission and distribution line construction to mechanically secure components such as conductors to pin insulators. The wire is also used for above-ground grounding applications in line construction.



Bare soft copper grounding conductor—these solid and stranded bare soft copper grounding conductors are suitable for use as neutrals, as circuit grounding conductors as well as machinery and equipment grounding systems. Soft copper may be used for transformer drop leads or other non-tension hook-up jumpers.

Dead soft annealed (DSA) copper clad steel (CCS) grounding conductor—These stranded conductors are used in place of copper conductors in grounding applications and systems.



Steel overhead ground wire is used in overhead ground wire or static wire applications, while steel guy wire is used in shield wire, messengers and span wire applications. The steel wires are protected from corrosion by galvanizing.