Offshore Wind Farms


Linking the power of nature
to today’s energy demands

Abundant and inexhaustible, renewable energy resources have the potential to meet global energy needs, while reducing emissions and mitigating climate change.


Offshore wind applications are fundamental in meeting this increasing demand for greener energy. As a world leader in this area, Prysmian Group has a long-standing track record of offering our customers proven, cost-effective cable designs and operating systems.


Through constant investment in new and upgraded manufacturing and installation assets, we offer the broadest possible range of innovative products and technologies, strengthening our services and capabilities in production and project execution for the offshore wind market.


A single source provider

What truly sets us apart is our capability to provide a comprehensive and fully managed EPCI service. From the design and engineering to the manufacture and full turnkey installation, encompassing the complete project management and many aspects beyond, our full value chain gives our customers a hassle-free single point of contact for all their project needs.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our pioneering connections to power grids lower the environmental effect of energy supply. Providing mainland energy to locations where otherwise local generation would be needed, such as the building of a power plant, avoids the resulting impact on the local environment. Access to the mainland grids and the large-scale generated power, with invariably lower energy prices, enables utilities to offer a direct economic benefit to consumers.


Our commitment to offshore wind farms

Renewable energy resources are abundant and inexhaustible. One of Prysmian’s commitments is to invest in offshore wind applications that are fundamental in meeting the increasing demand for greener energy. For the Ostwind 1 project, Prysmian has developed a unique submarine cable system to enable smart and green energy to reach thousands of homes and businesses in Germany.

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